Invited Symposia

Invited Symposia

Dr Janel Gauthier (Canada)

Psychology Applied to Terrorism and Violence: Advances and Challenges

International Test Commission

Guidelines for Good Testing Practice

Prof Cheryl Grills (USA)

Community as Client: The Need for Community-centric Interventions in African-centered Psychology

Prof Catriona Macleod

The Science of Psychology in Africa and the Global South

Prof Anitha Menon (Zambia)

Vulnerabilities in Children: Scenarios from Zambia

Prof Wade Nobles (USA)

Affirming an African Episteme and Therapeutic Practice: An Act of Decolonization

Prof Robert Serpell & Prof Dabie Nabuzoka (Zambia)

Psychological Assessment in an African Context: Experiences from Zambia

Professional Board for Psychology

Lessons Learnt as a Regulator

Prof Tholene Sodi (RSA)

The Psychology of Bereavement, Grief, and Mourning in African Communities

Prof Ava Thompson (Bahamas) & Prof Bame Nsemenang (Cameroon)

Indigenizing Psychology Education and Training in the Majority World: Perspectives from Africa

Professor Nimisha Patel (UK)

On Sustaining Anti-Racism Awareness and Praxis Throughout and Beyond Clinical Psychology Training in the UK: Feasible, or Pie in the Sky?

Prof Pam Maras & Prof Charles Mate-Kole

Psychology and the Sustainable Development Goals